Streamer Boost

If a streamer has connected the game, viewers can be a Spectator Puff in-game!
Be active in the stream chat and type pickme to increase your chances.
New Spectator Puffs are selected every match, so there are many chances to become one.

How to animate:

Type jump
Type sleep
Type wave
Type thewave
Type flag
Type cheer

How to emote:

Type :o for surprised
Type :*( for sadness
Type :) for a smile
Type :p for sticking out tongue
Type wp for WP sign

How to change color:

Change the color of part of your Puff, example: green body

Type a color followed by body
Type a color followed by hat
Type a color followed by flag
Type a color followed by hand

green red black darkgreen
blue yellow purple brown
pink orange darkblue darkpurple
darkred turquoise white hotpink

How to throw stuff:

Type example throw 22 88

Type throw x y (x is angle 0 to 100 and y is strength 0 to 100)

Type throw cheese (or beer or foam) to choose object

How to get bold yellow name:

Using Bits by typing party1 (or more).

Streamer only:

Prevent viewers (and chat bots) from becoming Puffs with /kickaudience name
Used inside Minion Masters - using the in-game chat!

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