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With Ardera's true agenda revealed, High-Mage Leiliel races to the Whispering Woods to find an old friend. Without his help they stand no chance against the evil that is coming in Jadespark Jungle - But the Elven armies are locked in battle with the accursed legions of Mordar the Mad. Can Leiliel secure Fanriel the Stormchargers aid?


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New Adventure

Every adventure run is a unique experience with new bosses to beat and rewards to reap!

You pick a Master with their own unique perks and Master-specific deck, then build your deck and grow in power as you go. With each victory, you get a choice of cards, relics and treasures to add to your deck.

If you complete the adventure a link to a short story will be revealed. The short story is the first introduction to a new upcoming Master.


Unique MastersUnique PerksRelics & Treasures

Unique Masters

Three different playable Masters, each with individual perks and unlockable Affinity Cards.

Unique Perks

Resonating Blast

Once every 20 seconds, cast Resonating Blast at an enemy's location when they die.


Summon a Crystal Arcanist whenever you play a spell with mana cost 4+ (by your Master Tower)

Bring the Cavalry

Summon Lord Fanriel The Stormcharger (by your Master Tower)

Fight as or against the many different inhabitants of the Minion Masters world, each with different perks and personalities.

Relics & Treasures

After each encounter, you choose to improve your Master with upgrades for that run.

New Expansion

The Expansion consist of 3 Season Passes, filled with exciting new content and rewards.

Season Tokens have been removed from the Passes - Unlock new cards directly through Season Pass Tiers. Copies of all new cards can be earned in both the Free and Premium paths.

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Season Passes


Each Season Pass will be available for 1500 Rubies. This gives access to unlock all rewards. There is also a free path.

Each Season Pass lasts 1 month. Progressing is done playing with cards with high Glory or buying tiers.

If you buy a Season Pass at a later point, you will receive all of the rewards up to your current tier, retroactively.

A Season Pass includes:

50 tiers of rewards

3 NEW cards

1 NEW Legendary Master skin

1 NEW Emote

3 NEW Avatars

Tons of XP, Rubies, Gold and Shards

Third Season Pass

New Cards

Accursed Ascension: Gain Accursed Ascension when you have spent 60 Mana on Accursed cards.

The Ascension effect means a Skeleton will spawn every second.

Undying Corpses will summon an Undying Skeleton after 20 seconds.Cannot detonate Inactive Corpses spawned by Toll of the Dead.

New Cosmetics

Galaxy ApepLegendary EmoteLegendary Avatar

Second Season Pass

New Cards

Mana Freeze (2): Block the next 2 mana you would gain

Mana Surge: +50% Attack Speed while you have 6 or more mana

Piercing Shot: After a delay, release a piercing shot that deals damage to all Units in a straight line. Damage: 75 Delay: 2 secs Radius: 2 Range: Unlimited

Keep her guarded with a tank and try to maximise the amount of enemy units hit by lining her target up carefully.

Accursed Ascension: Spend 60 Mana on Accursed faction cards to gain Accursed Ascension.

On their own, they're scrawny... With Ascension, they're spooky!

New Cosmetics

FanrielGalaxy Diona

First Season Pass

New Cards

Mana Surge: +50% Attack Speed while you have 6 or more mana

Stormcharge: While charging gain +4 movement speed and deal double damage to enemies he collides with

Dormant: Is a Building and cannot attack or move.

New Cosmetics

Galaxy MorelliaLegendary Emote