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The great and terrible Mar'Dred's arrival approaches. The Hero of the Empyreum, Valorian, races to Jadespark Jungle to oppose the demonic threat, but only darkness and corruption awaits...


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Dawn Marshall Valorian is the wearer of the legendary Armor of the Sun and the supreme commander of the Chapter of Light. He is the greatest soldier in the Empyreum. A superhuman warrior enhanced by the light, powerful beyond mortal reckoning and tempered by centuries of war. He is a shining beacon for his people and the greatest hope for the survival of the Empyreum.

Valorian is devoted to the light. He wields it to heal his allies and invoke righteous fury on his enemies.

Valorian can be obtained via Tier 6 in the Premium Season Pass, Tier 49 in the Free Path, or via purchasing the "All Masters Upgrade" DLC.

(If you own the All Masters Upgrade DLC, you will be reimbursed 300 Rubies when you reach Tier 49 in the Free Pass)

AttackValorian uses his heirloom blade for a slow but powerful attack.Damage: 40 - Cooldown: 2 seconds - Range: 10+5 damage for each Empyrean card in hand.Holy LightValorian heals up to 5 injured friendly Minions for 15 health.Cooldown: 5 secondsSearing LightAdd the card Searing Light to Valorian's deck.Searing Light - 1 Mana SpellValorian does 5 attacks in an area, each attack targeting a random enemy Minion.Divine LightDouble Valorian's Damage as well as Healing from Holy Light


New Adventure

It's time to make your counter-attack against the Voidborne demons. It all comes down to this - You win this war, or Jadespark Jungle may never see light again. No pressure.

Every adventure run is a unique experience with new bosses to beat and rewards to reap!

You pick a Master with their own unique perks and Master-specific deck, then build your deck and grow in power as you go. With each victory, you get a choice of cards, relics and treasures to add to your deck.


Unique MastersUnique PerksRelics & Treasures

Unique Masters

Three different playable Masters, each with individual perks and unlockable Affinity Cards.

Unique Perks

Indomitable Brothers

Whenever you play a 5+ cost Empyrean Minion, activate and reset all Armor of Light abilities.

Divine Smite

Whenever you cast a Spell, also cast Smite at its location.

Caeleth's Vengeance

Every third Empyrean Minion Card also summons Caeleth Dawnhammer.

Fight as or against the many different inhabitants of the Minion Masters world, each with different perks and personalities.

Relics & Treasures

After each encounter, you choose to improve your Master with upgrades for that run.

New Expansion

The Expansion consist of 3 Season Passes, filled with exciting new content and rewards.

Season Passes


Each Season Pass will be available for 1500 Rubies. This gives access to unlock all rewards. There is also a free path.

Each Season Pass lasts 1 month. Progressing is done playing with cards with high Glory or buying tiers.

If you buy a Season Pass at a later point, you will receive all of the rewards up to your current tier, retroactively.

A Season Pass includes:

50 tiers of rewards

3 NEW cards

1 NEW Legendary Master skin

1 NEW Emote

3 NEW Avatars

Tons of XP, Rubies, Gold and Shards

Third Season Pass

New Cards

Activates Revelry regardless of where the Minion is in the arena.

Revelry: If summoned close to another Stoutheart unit - or if another Stoutheart unit is summoned nearby

Slow: -25% Movement Speed. -25% Attack Speed. Removes Haste.

Rage: +50% Attack damage.

Shield of Light: When taking damage, give up to 4 nearby allies Shield. Cooldown 12. Radius 4.

New Cosmetics

Animated EmoteAngelic Milloween

Second Season Pass

New Cards

Two Sides means the Minion summoned by this card alternates each time you play it.

Voidborne Wound: If a Voidborne Minion deals damage to the enemy Master while this card is your hand.

New Cosmetics

EmoteEmoteAvatarAngelic Valorian

First Season Pass

New Cards

The Void Souls are spawned with 10 second intervals between them. One Void Soul will always spawn on your side of the arena, while the other two will spawn in your opponent's, close to the bridges.

Fear: Run away in fear from the source in a straight line.

Duration 5 sec
Radius 8

Mar'Dred stops to perform a quick killing animation when he uses his Destroy effect.

New Cosmetics